Vital and engaging theatre that gets to the heart of the pressure cooker of male violence and the toxicity of repressed emotions’

Arts Hub, Tasmania

A little miracle. In just 75 minutes he conjures an entire life, encompassing some 50+ years of a man’s journey from boyhood to maturity. It is a marvel of story-telling imagination, technical/structural proficiency and heartfelt compassion. And this is no mere sketch – this is a real portrait, observed in detail, richly textured, tinted with humour, sadness and surprises. (For, as Eliot said, “Our beginnings never know our ends”). And beyond all that, it has something profound to say about the way we live our lives; about the direction our lives take, the choices we make, and how we cope when things go off the rails. It is actually a helpful play. It is useful. And it is beautiful’

Robert Jarman, acclaimed Hobart director

Alone onstage, a man’s years are chronicled, as observed in the speeches we might utter in a lifetime. It begins simply enough, mapping the twists and turns of an unremarkable existence. But the course he has charted is not the one that unfolds, and he ends up in places that were never part of his plan. A life-long reminder that happiness and comfort can be found in the seemingly insignificant – that the unremarkable can in fact grow to become something rich and rare.


One man spanning a full life, or a number representing different ages
Previous seasons: 1M


For teenagers and adult (mature themes)


75 minutes




Tasmanian statewide tour (presented by Tas Performs)

Hobart Theatre Royal Backspace




  • Commissioned/first produced by Guy Hooper and Blue Cow Theatre (Hobart, Australia), 2016
  • Concept of a life told in speeches, and first performance, by Guy Hooper
  • First directed by Ben Winspear