‘What a grand gift to Milwaukee, America and the world from a playwright who has traveled the globe. The marvelous, timely message of The Snow bears repeating – over and over – so the walls of chilling darkness that divide humanity may warm into shared charity and kindness’.

Broadway World


When an epic snowfall imprisons the residents of the tiny village of Kishka, young Theodore Sutton proposes the villagers build a catapult to fling him and six of the village’s bravest and strongest out in search of a solution. The catapult hastily assembled, Theodore and the heroes are launched over the snow and into the grandest of adventures. Whimsical and humorous, dark and mysterious, heartfelt and sincere, this play weaves a fantastical Grimmsian tale for the entire family.


This is a story told – this may be by one, by some, or by many
Previous seasons: 15 performers


For ages eight and up, all the way to adult


60-80 minutes


(USA & Australia)


Filament Theatre, Chicago IL, USA (produced by Filament Theatre)
Interlochen MI, USA (produced by Interlochen Center for the Arts)
Guildford Young College, Tasmania, Australia (Guildford Young)


Todd Wehr Theatre, Milwaukee WI, USA (produced by First Stage)
National Institute of Dramatic Arts, Sydney, Australia (produced by NIDA)
Annexe Theatre, Launceston, Australia (produced by Launceston YTE)



First Stage Theatre production 2016


  • Commissioned by First Stage (WI), Oregon Children’s Theatre (OR) and Magik Theater (TX), 2016
  • First produced by First Stage Theater
  • First directed by Jeff Frank