‘Deep and poetic and beautifully layered with metaphor – even after the curtains close, you are left unpacking the many facets of this, at times confronting, at times tender, touching journey

The Border Watch

Adelaide is lucky to count among its artists playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer… The genius of Kruckemeyer’s script is to drop in and out of the three strands without dislocation or confusion – the genius of Brokensha’s performance is to bring such a disparate trio to life’

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There is the story of a woman who joined a search party, and eventually realised she was looking for herself. There is the story of an actress reading that story, and realising the stranger she too has become. There are the million stories, about gulfs large and small, who we told ourselves we’d become and who we became.

Part memory-play, part found truth, and part conjured fiction, this is a story about encountering oneself in the middle of a life and collating the many roles one might play. About needing the spotlight, and running from it. Being destroyed by grief, and resurrected by it. Finding identity within, and without. Together, one woman and an audience will go searching in the snow.


1-3 actors: 1-3F
Previous seasons: 1F, live musicians


A work for teenagers and adults


80 minutes



Sir Robert Helpman Theatre, Mt Gambier

Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide

Control Party production 2021, starring Sarah Brokensha, video by Matt Byrne

first produced

2021 Control Party, supported by Country Arts SA, Adelaide Festival Centre Trust and Brink Productions. First directed by Daisy Brown