‘A tremendous and tumbling washing machine of emotion, angst and anger’

Stage Whispers

‘As the work unfolds it is tempting to gaze inward at your own life and experiences because of the power in the narrative… This complexity is both a gift and a challenge for these young performers. Fortunately they have risen to the challenge’

Theatre Travels

‘Hate is a tiring thing. It is a commitment one must make, and invest in. It demands long hours and plenty of overtime. There are few perks, but wonderful camaraderie and an appreciation that everyone is working just as hard as each other’. An enquiry into the spread of hatred in today’s society, created with high-school students and performed to their peers, this play turns negativity on its head, presenting a how-to guide for the hopeful.

2020, Australian Writers Guild Award: Best Community & Youth Theatre Play


This is a story told – this may be by one, by some, or by many
Previous seasons: 20 performers


For ages twelve and up


55 minutes



DreamBig International Children’s Festival, Adelaide, Australia

hymn to the hateful

Adelaide High School/Running with Scissors production 2019. Director David Tyler


  • Commissioned/first produced by Adelaide High School, 2017
  • In the DreamBig International Children’s Festival
  • First directed by David Tyler