the hip-hop monologues

A hip-hop theatre work involving young people from various cultural backgrounds and young offenders in juvenile detention

Hip Hop Monologues is raw performance art made by and for those who don’t get the chance to speak out much’.

dB Magazine, Australia

Written and performed entirely in hip-hop, this work voiced young peoples’ attitude towards life, both in and out of juvenile prisons. Through interviews and workshops, I wrote and recorded hip-hop pieces with young men and women in a juvenile detention facility. The same process was then entered into with young, multicultural rappers, b-boys, b-girls, and singers who were not detained, resulting in a live performance.

The subsequent work toured high schools, creating a dialogue between people of the same generation, who live in remarkably different worlds.


55 minutes



Come Out Children’s Festival, South Australian tour (produced by Come Out)


Come Out Children’s Festival, Adelaide, Australia (produced by Come Out)


  • Commissioned/first produced by the Come Out Festival, 2005
  • First directed by Simone Avrimidis
  • Written with young multicultural rappers,
    and young offenders in Magill Juvenile Detention Centre