‘Kruckemeyer’s poetic script is like a beautiful children’s book, a treasured bedtime story with illustrations which come to life before our eyes’

The Advertiser, Australia

‘Whatever alchemy has gone into creating these tender and magical 70 minutes, this is one show that has taken flight and soars’

Cultural Weekly, Los Angeles CA

‘I am so glad I was able to experience this production… You will not only enjoy your time, but you will also learn a little something about yourself and life in general’

Broadway World, Washington DC

‘Brilliant and tenderly meaningful… This production’s greatest strength is its ability to draw adults into a deep sense of empathy and reflection as easily as they draw children into a sense of wonder and delight’

MD Theatre Guide, Washington DC

A teenager wakes to discover he has grown into a man overnight. He recognises the stranger in the mirror, but his family, his town they do not. On his bedroom windowsill he meets a bird that cannot fly and together the two journey to a city, and discover what it means to grow up.


2015 LA Times Critics Choice
2015 Ovation nomination
2010 Ruby Awards: Best New Work
2010 Sunday Mail: Sunday Best Award
2010 Adelaide Theatre Guide Awards: Best Show (Comedy)
Finalist, 2012 Sydney Theatre Awards

Cast size

This is a story told – this may be by one, by some, or by many
Previous seasons: 1-30 performers (often including live musicians)

Audience size

For ages ten and up, all the way to adult 


60-90 minutes


(Australia and USA)


Spooky Action Theater, Washington DC, USA (produced by Spooky Action)


Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne (produced by Melbourne Grammar)
Hall of Possibility, Adelaide, Australia (produced by Slingsby)


24th Street Theatre, Los Angeles CA, USA (produced by 24th Street)


24th Street Theatre, Los Angeles CA, USA (produced by 24th Street)


Sydney Opera House
The Arts Centre Melbourne
Goolwa Arts Festival: Just Add Water


Adelaide Festival of Arts
Carclew Full House Programme

Slingsby production 2010, starring Nathan O’Keefe

24th Street Theatre production 2015, starring Andrew Huber and Leeav Sofer. Director Debbie Devine

First Produced

  • Commissioned/first produced by Slingsby (Adelaide, Australia), 2010
  • American premiere by 24th Street Theatre (Los Angeles CA), 2015
  • First directed by Andy Packer