‘The Boy at the Edge of Everything’ has a canny, witty way of reflecting on worlds unknown’

The Seattle Times

‘One foolproof test of good children’s theatre is whether adults enjoy taking them as much as kids enjoy going. The MTC’s annual family show, The Boy at the Edge of Everything, passes with flying colours’

Sydney Morning Herald


In the middle of his over-scheduled 12-and-a-bit-year-old life, Simon Ives dreams of a place where he can just stop and be. Meanwhile, at the farthest point in the universe, The Boy at the Edge of Everything lives by himself, lonely and bored. When Simon is rocketed into space (through an unlikely series of events involving ‘lots and lots of fireworks’), their worlds collide and neither will ever be the same.


2017 New England Theatre Festival regional and state winner (Essex HS production)
2016 Published: ‘New Visions, New Voices: 25 Years/25 Plays’ (Dram. Pub.)
2015 David Williamson Prize for Excellence in Australian Playwrighting
2015 Australian Writers Guild Award: Best Children’s Play
2014 Seattle Times Footlight Award: Best Children’s Show (‘Fab Family Fare’)
2013 First ever play: Labworks Residency, New Victory Theater, 42nd St, NY
2012 Selected for New Visions New Voices at John F Kennedy Centre, DC

Cast size

This is a story told – this may be by one, by some, or by many
Previous seasons: 4-30 performers

Audience size

For ages seven and up, all the way to adult


70 minutes


(USA, Canada and Australia)


Eureka College, Eureka IL, USA
St Leonards College, Victoria, Australia


TYA USA National Festival and Conference (Trusty Sidekick)
Children’s Theater of Charlotte, NC, USA
Des Moines Young Artists Theatre, Des Moines IA, USA
BurkTech Players, Lubbock TX, USA


Brown’s Mart Theatre, Darwin, Australia
St James College, Victoria, Australia
Roanoke Children’s Theatre, Roanoke VA, USA
Giving Tree Theater, Marion IA, USA
BB&N Middle School, Cambridge MA, USA
McDougle Middle School, Chapel Hill NC, USA
Andover High School, Boston MA, USA (METG Theatre Competition)


Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti MI, USA
Theatre of Youth, Buffalo NY, USA
Boston Latin School, Boston MA, USA (METG Theatre Competition)
Lansing High School, Lansing KS, USA


New England Drama Festival winners, VT, USA (produced by Essex HS)


Lincoln Center for the Arts, New York NY, USA (produced by Trusty Sidekick)
Chance Theatre, Anaheim CA, USA
Magik Theatre Drama Rep, San Antonio TX, USA


Melbourne Theatre Company, Australia
Long Wharf Theater, New Haven CT, USA
Lincoln Center Summer Forum (reading), New York NY, USA


Seattle Children’s Theater, WA, USA (produced by Trusty Sidekick/SCT)
Nova Theater, Billings MT, USA
Northwestern University, Evanston IL, USA (produced by Purple Crayon)
Emerson College, Boston MA, USA


Labworks residency (workshopped at New Victory Theater, New York NY)
DNA New Works Festival (workshopped at La Jolla Theater, San Diego CA)


New Visions, New Voices development (workshopped at the John F Kennedy Center for the Arts, DC)
Launch Artist residency (workshopped at Playhouse Square, Cleveland OH)

Melbourne Theatre Company production 2015, starring Felix Berger-O’Neil, Max Furlani, Emily Goddard and Sebastian Lamour. Director Peter Houghton

First Produced