Published in the Currency Press anthology For We The Young: Five Plays by Finegan Kruckemeyer

‘Somewhere between hilarious and human’

Luca (age 9), Big Kids Magazine

‘Because this tale is broad and universal, just like a life (or three), and can be melded and shaped and shifted in magical ways. And what CoHo has done with Kruckemeyer’s beautiful words is capture lightning in a bottle’

Oregon Arts Watch

‘The most important thing is always the telling of the story – children demand imagination and clarity while adults deserve it. This is the secret of fables and fairy stories and it’s the standard by which theatre for children can best be judged. By that measure – and plenty of others beside… ‘This Girl Laughs’ succeeds admirably’

The West Australian

‘But a simple story told well can grab your hand and take off running, leaving you breathless with delight [and] that’s what CoHo has done’

Oregon Live


Triplet sisters are left in the forest by their woodcutter father. From this fairytale beginning, three resolutions are made – one sister will walk one way, one the other, and the third will stay right where she is. Twenty years later, having circumnavigated the globe, and fought vikings, and crossed oceans, and tamed wilds, and achieved greatness, the three meet again, as women.


2020 Published by Currency Press in For We The Young anthology
2020 The Scotsman Sessions invited showcase
2011 Australian Latin American Foundation grant
2010 Rodney Seaborn Playwrights Award
Finalist, 2020 Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland
Finalist, 2015 CHASS Australia Prize for Distinctive Work
Finalist, 2012 Australian Writers Guild (AWGIE) Award: Best Children’s Play

Cast size

This is a story told – this may be by one, by some, or by many
Previous seasons: 4-30 performers

Audience size

For ages seven and up, all the way to adult


50-90 minutes


64 seasons in eight countries
(Argentina, Australia, Czech Rep, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, USA)


Avondale Theatre Company, Detroit MI, USA
Yocum Institute for the Arts, Reading PA, USA
Dawson High School, Houston TX, USA
Vista Ridge High School, Cedar Park TX, USA
Hanover High School, Hanover NH, USA
Danebank Anglican School, NSW, Australia


The Scotsman Sessions invited showcase, Edinburgh, Scotland
Acme Theatre Company, Davis CA, USA
Ball State University, Muncie IN, USA
Cedar Park Middle School, Austin TX, USA
Methodist Ladies College, WA, Australia
Tyndale Christian School, SA, Australia


Irish national tour (produced by Graffiti Theatre)
Edinburgh International Children’s Festival and Scottish national tour
(produced by Imaginate and Stellar Quines)
Staatsteater Oldenburg, Germany
Wellesley Repertory Theatre, Wellesley MA, USA
Zach Theatre, Austin TX, USA
5th Performing Arts, Park Rapids MN, USA
Anderson High School, Austin TX, USA
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, CA, USA
Manitou Springs School District, CO, USA
New Trier High School, Winnetka IL, USA
Mitcham Girls High School, Adelaide, South Australia
Perth Waldorf School, Western Australia
Shire Christian School, NSW, Australia


Atlantic Theatre, New York NY, USA
Coho Productions, Portland OR, USA
Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre, Tucson AZ, USA
Amelia Theatre Company, Fernandina Beach FL, USA
University of Fairbanks Alaska, AL, USA
University of North Carolina at Asheville, NC, USA
Buffalo Seminary, Buffalo NY, USA
Bellows Free Academy, St Albans VT, USA
Booker Middle School, Sarasota FL, USA
Walford College, Adelaide, South Australia


Theater Gütesloh, Germany (produced by Theaterhaus Ensemble)
Western Oregon University, Monmouth OR, USA
Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene TX, USA
Centerstage Youth Theatre, Allen TX, USA
Lakewood High School, Arvado CO, USA
St Mary’s Catholic High School, Tempe AZ, USA
Frontier Academy Elementary School, Greeley CO, USA
Adelaide High School, South Australia
Meriden Anglican School for Girls, Sydney, Australia


Northern Arizona University, Tempe AZ, USA (produced by Sophia Moreno)
Pointless Brewery/Theatre, Ann Arbor MI, USA (produced by Spinning dot)
Guildford Young College, Hobart, Australia
Dubbo Christian School, NSW, Australia
Stage Door Cafe, Seattle WA, USA (reading produced by Theater Simple)


Prague Festival, Czech Republic (produced by Just This Once)
Arizona State University, Tempe AZ, USA
Carriage House, Ann Arbor MI, USA (produced by Spinning Dot)
Yocum Institute, Wyomissing PA, USA
Hope Academy, Pittsburgh PA, USA
Da Vinci Middle School, Portland OR, USA
Hemet High School, Hemet CA, USA


Theaterhaus Frankfurt, Germany
Anderson High School, Austin TX, USA
Natick High School, Natick MA, USA


Pennsylvanian statewide tour, USA (produced by Pitt Arts)
West Australian statewide tour (produced by Barking Gecko)


Buenos Aires, Argentina (produced by AmarGinados)
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (reading by Frozen Charlotte)
Lakes High School, Chicago IL, USA
Casula Powerhouse/Q Theatre, Sydney, Australia (produced by Barking Gecko/Casula/Penrith)


Buenos Aires, Argentina (produced by AmarGinados)
ASSITEJ World Congress, Denmark (reading in WLPG Playwrights’ Slam)
University of Pittsburgh PA, USA (produced by Pitt Arts)
Darlinghurst Theatre, Sydney, Australia (reading by Parnassus’ Den)

Atlantic Theatre production 2018, starring Lauren Annunziata, Brendan Dalton, Anthony Holiday, Sarah Kowalski, Melissa Mahoney, Cerridwyn McCaffrey, Adam Roebling. Directors Alison Beatty and Tom Costello


Barking Gecko/Casula Powerhouse/Q Theatre production 2012, starring Ella Hetherington, Jo Morris, Drayton Morley, Sarah Nelson. Director Noel Jordan


Theatrehaus Ensemble production 2014, starring Uta Nawrath, Günther Henne, Michael Meyer, Susanne Schyns, Mirjam Tertilt, Elena Thimmel. Director Rob Vriens, dramaturg Susanne Freiling

First Produced

  • First produced by AmarGinados Grupo (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2011
  • Supported by the Australian Latin American Foundation
  • First directed by Solange Perazzo
  • Spanish translation by Martina Amiras
  • German translation by Thomas Kruckemeyer (German agent: Rowohlt)
  • Polish translation by Joanna Derkaczew