You and Me and the Space Between

5 stars ‘Cleverly conceived and masterfully executed, there’s a simple beauty to the tragically contemporary reference points… Yet none of it feels heavy-handed, with a story filled with fantasy and wonder delicately freighting the message’

The List, Scotland

‘A stunning example of theatre billed for children that somehow manages to be more politically engaged than most main stage shows billed for adults’

Theatre People

‘Like falling into the pages of a storybook’

Aussie Theatre

In the ocean stood an island. At its sides were the sea, and the tides found its top and its tail. This land was so small, and this ocean so large, that the people who lived there just saw a vast blue, beyond that which they knew, and never even thought of what might be out there. But one did. On the island, in a house, on a hill, grew a girl. And she knew what she was told: that this island held all that there was. But still she found herself wondering, about all that there wasn’t – things that weren’t facts, but were maybes, and could-bes, and ifs. Could there be another place, say, where the stars right above her could be seen from the left, but the ones to her right could be looked at straight up? So when her island one day sprang a leak, she and her people, they went to find out…


This is a story told – this may be by one, by some, or by many
Previous seasons: 1-5 narrators, 1 live illustrator, 1 musician, 1 puppeteer


For ages seven and up, all the way to adult


60 minutes


17 seasons in five countries
(Australia, China, Japan, Scotland, USA)


Northwest School of the Arts, Charlotte NC, USA


Scoundrel and Scamp Theatre, Tucson AZ, USA
Japanese virtual season


ASSITEJ World Children’s Festival and Congress (selected Australian work)


Chinese national tour
Lincoln Center for the Arts, New York NY, USA
Walton Arts Centre, Fayetteville AR, USA
Ware Center, Millersville PA, USA


Aichi Arts Centre, Japan
Arts Space for Kid, Shanghai, China


Edinburgh International Children’s Theatre Festival, Scotland
Honolulu Theatre for Youth, Honolulu HI, USA (produced by HTY)
Sydney Festival, NSW, Australia
Ten Days on the Island Festival, Tasmania, Australia


Melbourne Arts Festival, Australia
Brisbane International Arts Festival, Australia
Darwin International Arts Festival, Australia

Terrapin Puppet Theatre production


  • Commissioned by Honolulu Theatre for Youth (Hawaii, USA) and Terrapin Puppet Theatre (Tasmania, Australia)
  • Supported by the Australian Major Festivals Initiative
  • First produced by Terrapin Puppet Theatre, 2016
  • First directed by Sam Routledge